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I launched an administrative scrivener ( gyoseishoshi) office in June 2019 in Nerima, Tokyo.


Before starting my office, I belonged to the Ministry of Foreign Affaires of Japan. I worked at the kasumigaseki headquater and abroad including Bulgaria, Honolulu, Italy, New Zealand. I had rich experiences to oversee visa issurance procedures, support the activities of japanese companies in abroad.


I would be very happy to provide services to foreigners living in Tokyo and Japan, foreign companies wishing to expand into Japan.
(1) I could support foreign citizens who wish to
・extend period of stay
・change current status of residence
・acquire status of permanent residence
・family call from your home country
・apply for certificate of eligibility planning to enter japan
・apply for naturalization of nationality, and etc.
I would prepare and submit necessary documents to Immigration Service Agency to get permission on your behalf.


(2) Adding to the above, I could support foreign companies setting up business through such types of operation like stock corporation(kabushiki kaisha) or limited liability company(LLC, godo kaisha), branch office or representative office in Japan needed to take some steps including an application for company establishment, application for business management visa and, etc. These procedures are complicated and difficult to proceed for foreigners. I would help these businesses and run it smoothly on your behalf.


It would be a great pleasure if I had the opportunity to help you. I fully support your bright tomorrow in Japan!
Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any requests, questions.
 (e-mail: office@yokoyama-gyosei.com/ , phone:080-7274-0825).
Thank you very much.


Administrative Scrivener
Immigration Lawyer
Yokoyama Yoshitaka